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How to turn on/off the ignition in keyless cars
AA TecDoc 
  • How to turn on/off the ignition in keyless cars
For Renault  Megane III, Scenic III and Laguna III:
  • How to start in diagnostic mode: 1) close the door and wait 10 sec 2) open the door 3) insert the card 4) engage first gear 5) Do NOT press any pedal 6) press and hold the start button until you see the "remove the card" message 7) Do NOT remove the card 8) Now it is possible to read/writeTo turn off the dashboard just remove the card.
For Renault (other models):
  • 1) Keep door open;2) In case of automatic gearbox set it on P, otherwise for manual transmission set it on first gear.3) Blinkers must be ON4) Fasten driver seat belt5) Hold start button for 10 seconds;6) Now dashboard will be turned on permanently.
BMW with a START button:
  • Do not touch the clutch, push the start button for approx. 5 sec (you will see that the fuel meter on the dash is on).
  • Dashboard will automatically turn off after about 15 minutes. Before that, lights will fade for a while. Once lights are fading, press IGNITION button again to keep dashboard ON again. Be careful because write may take up to 1h!
VAG with KEYLESS system:
  • Put the key into the housing under the armrest, turn on the hazard lights and open the driver door. Keep those settings till programming is finished.
Jaguar with KEYLESS system:
  • Keep dashboard alive by using directional arrow lights and/or moving windshield up and down from time to time.
Land Rover with KEYLESS system
  • Open driver door, do not press brake. Then press START button for 3 seconds.If it won't work, remove battery from key and simulate an emergency start - always without pressing brake.
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