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Full Version: Volvo PTT Error: Unknown Chassis Series
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Dear All Members,

I am facing an issue when connecting Volvo PTT 2.5.86 with Volvo FMX Series Trucks.

When we connect Tool with Truck, the software stated "Starting up a new work session" and began loading.

The status bar started moving and stated "Product Data: Reading Control Unit Data"

The status bar then remained stuck on the same stage for a few minutes.

In the end , an error was displayed stating "Unknow Chassis Series" and the process stopped.

I'll be thankful if any member can help me on this possible issue.

Thanks and regards,

Hi. Please take the time to read the forum rules and first make your introduction to the forum before posting. Thanks.
When you see that nexiq is connected, dont press connect, wait for 2-4 minutes, green bar gonna start loading by itself. Then you must be connected to internet so it wouldnt throw unknow chassis.