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Full Version: BMW E90 - EDC16C35 - kess write error
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In the past i had a problem with an BMW E90, with EDC16C35 ECU.
The problem was that i wanted to remove DPF, FLAPS and make Stage 1. So, i had read it TOTAL by OBD using Kess 5.017 Red EU clone?with 2.23 safenet. All ok, until now. But the problem start when i was trying to write the mod file. I have seen the erasing process, and right when it started to write the file, gave me writing error. I have seen movies about this, but none of them fixed this.

Finally i have fixed this problem by writing the file in BDM mode with KTAG. I want to mention, that file written was not the mod file from the first phase(i tried but??didn't worked Tongue ). So, i have found an ori for BDM, modified, and wrote back with KTAG, re-synced with FVDI, the car started and works fine.

But this still gave me to think why i couldn't write the file back OBD mode.

If anyone have a solution for this, i'm glad to know.
Please contact with Mazolla as he is the best guy to contact. Search him on member list and you will find him.
I have solved the problem as described, but i have seen that nobody fixed this, or didn't posted the solution for OBD writing.

But i have another question. Does anyone know if FGTech is writing the same file as KESS do? I mean if is starting writing from the same address?