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I have a suggestion.
Instead of having software posts everywhere, how about if we have a portal (not sure how it's called)
Say like Software section. So it's mandatory that everyone has to upload software in there respectively.
I find that much more organised n easy.
Everything can be categorised, if passworded there is an icon in otherwards there different icons depending on the uploader's choice,?these are options selected?during the upload,
It has the user that uploaded it, so they can still get their rankings.
I don't know whether I make sense I will to explain more incase I don't make sense, just ask.

Secondly, I would request for an individual to have an option to delete their own post if theyfind it irrelevant.

Hi, Robin

Thank you for your suggestion. We do have a portal added as we precisely take your suggestion into consideration. Reason we I seperated all the software or vehicle section because every member have different interest to be part our community for instance you may be interested in car section but someone else will be seeking for trucks information or software. Therefore, I think the way its been layout been designed makes easy and fast to target destination to go.?

Soon we will have "Welcome Page with Login or User registration option" this way no one will be able to see anything until they register. Please Note soon I will be strict on registering new users because this forum here will literally be the best with its community and support.?

However, you always had option to delete as registered user. If you open the thread>bottom right your will see "delete" with red icon.