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VCDServiceResetV1.1 - Majestic - 12-20-2020

The tool "VCDServiceReset" simplifies the service reset for the vehicles for which the guided function within VCDS does not work anymore. It does not replace VCDS, but makes use of it.
More precisely, instrument clusters that work with the UDS protocol. For these the German version of VCDS offers so far no possibility to reset comfortably after accomplished service the respective service.
With the application, the user is relieved of the tedious shuffling through the adjustment channels of the instrument cluster.
Main menuMain menu
The operation is limited to 3 simple steps:
-read out (let) inspection data
-change inspection data
-write (leave) changed inspection data

Tests with orginal vcds hexv2 - with clone not tested

RE: VCDServiceResetV1.1 - autotechremapping - 01-04-2021

good stuff